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What is Playou ?

A new streaming experience, with constantly refreshed TV channels and sport programmes, films, series, news, cartoons and much more, with no limit on time or quantity, and accessible from any device.

How can I access Playou?

By accessing www.Playou.asia from any device.

How much does the Playou service cost?

Prices may vary depending on your country and payment method (operator or credit card) and your payment schedule or contract length (daily, weekly or monthly): Please see www.Playou.asia for updated details.

How do I sign up?

Access www.Playou.asia from your computer or mobile phone, provide your phone number and choose your access.

How can I pay my subscription?

You can pay your subscription easily through your operator. You will have to enter your phone number then confirm your subscription with the confirmation code (or "PIN") you will receive by SMS.

In which countries is Playou available?

You can access Playou from Malaysia.

How often are programmes and channels updated?

Playou is updated every day. TV channels depend on the programming of the provider. Our programme catalogue is updated regularly with our new acquisitions. You can view our new programmes on the main page. All the contents that are handled have provisional broadcasting rights. When the content expires, it will be removed from Playou. However, you can rest assured that we are always on the lookout for new licences and titles, and always offer you a complete catalogue at no extra cost.

What is my account?

Your account gives you access to the Playou service and includes both your basic personal information (phone number, subscribtion type etc.) and password details.

What is a password?

It is your personal and private password that will be used to access your Playou account (linked to the number or registered email) with which you can enjoy the service. This password will be indicated at the end of your registration and can be recovered by clicking on the "Have you forgotten your password?" link on the sign in page www.Playou.asia/subscribe.

How can I cancel my account?

If you have already subscribed and logged to Playou, you can cancel at any time by clicking on the 'cancel subscription' link in the My Account section.

What are the minimum requirements for using Playou?

You can visit the Playou website using a smartphone or tablet with iOS 8 or Android 4.2 or any computer using Windows 7 or MacOS 10.7+. You must use the latest versions of Chrome (40+), Firefox (38+), Safari (9+), Internet Explorer (9+) or Edge to get the best user experience.

What is "streaming"?

Streaming is the digital distribution of multimedia content through a network of computers whereby the user can enjoy the product at the same time it is downloaded. The word streaming refers to a continuous stream that flows without interruption, and usually to the broadcasting of audio or video. Streaming requires a connection of a bandwidth at least equal to the transmission rate of the service. Playou uses the ABR (Adapted Bit Rate) technology that adapts the video resolution according to the quality of your Internet connection.